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Transforming Values

INDUS WORLD ASSETS PRIVATE LIMITED a holding and a group capital company, intended to manage the umbrella of business activities. VP BALAJI founded IWAPL in 2014 with the industrial insights gained over a period time, to help raise business which could have growing opportunities across the globe. INDUS believes in making greater contributions to the economy by creating new opportunities with improved standards. It was co-founded by Lakshmisrinivasan a Charted Accountant, and AVS Raja Vice Chairman of Shriram Group. At INDUS, we always want to think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear, wherever that might be. Looking at the global trend and the economic movements, we strongly believe that we are on par with the current trends of changes which would truly benchmark our presence in the territory wherever we are in.


Bala, a management graduate from New Hampshire University, School of Business, USA, (Indian Chapter) believes in assuming direct ownership of original ideas and responsibilities and taking them forward passionately. When it comes to identifying niche needs and developing bespoke business solutions for the selected few ...


Srini displays an amazing aptitude for both money and business. Associates recount his uncanny ability to calculate columns of numbers off the top of his head – a feat he still amazes business colleagues with today. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant with around 9 years of extensive experience.


Raja founded the Shriram Group in the year 1974 along with Mr. R.Thyagarajan and Mr. T.Jayaraman. He was instrumental in taking the group from being a start-up to growing it into a group of stature. His "Silver Medallion campaign" took the small company to national recognition.


A thorough learning to understand the trends of global consumerism, and knowing the gap between the needs and wants have really made us different in identifying projects that could have a growing demand. We understand that success is not just creating products, but that doing it with passion is what makes it easier to accomplish. Proudly, our branding background has really helped us to make a difference right from product creation to quality assurance, strategizing and positioning.

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